BPI Small Enterprise Acceleration Lab 2023

Small Enterprise Growth Agenda

The Small Enterprise Acceleration Lab - Small Enterprise Growth Agenda (SEAL - SEGA) aims to assist and develop interventions for micro and small enterprises in the country.

In its second year, SEAL-SEGA 2023 is positioned to accelerate enterprises in two ways, its endeavors will now cover nano enterprises apart from the micro-enterprises in the start-up phase of the enterprise life cycle. Select and join the 2023 program suitable for you below:
SEAL-SEGA for Micro Enterprises
For startup enterprises who are ready to grow with viable products/services and a sustainable market.
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SEAL-SEGA for Nano Enterprises
For enterprises that are not yet registered, operating in an informal business.
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Discover the BPI SEAL-SEGA 2023

The programs of SEAL-SEGA 2023 continue to aim to accelerate the capabilities of start-up enterprises to meet current challenges and accelerate by providing programs for developing and strengthening their entrepreneurship skills and knowledge, cash grants, and other potential linkages.
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SEAL-SEGA moves toward recognizing the significance of start-ups and upscaling the potential of these nano and micro-enterprises to small enterprises.
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Meet the SEAL-SEGA 2022 Participants

In 2022, the first run of SEAL-SEGA qualified 56 micro-enterprises for the training program and business pitch challenge. 20 enterprises were assisted with grants and mentorship program.
SEAL-SEGA 2022 Top 56 QualifiersSEAL-SEGA 2022 Top 20 Winners